Heads Up

We're happy to announce that we have several publications that will be released over the next few months. Coming first will be our Rocket Ride anthology which features sci-fi stories that'll send you into orbit. Pre-order and release date information will be available soon!

Also slated for release is the first novella in a spyrotica trilogy by author Gio Lassater. Agent Rhett Dane is the self-proclaimed great spy in the world. When he uncovers a plot that targets every man on earth, he has to fight against the sexy henchmen of an unknown megalomaniac. Rhett Dane: Top Secret Bottom is the overarching title for the series. Set in locations around the world, follow Dane, henchmen, villains, and spy allies in the campy adventure that pokes sexy fun at the spy genre.

We've also just begun accepting submissions for our next anthology, Fairy Tail. If you want to give an adult re-telling of a timeless fairy tale, or if you want to submit an original piece featuring the fae, we'll take whatever you have. Head over to the Submissions tab for more information.