Sita Bethel

Sita Bethel loves writing fiction and hates writing biographies. She feels like they all tend to sound the same when read out load - like a bad gothic meme. Sita Bethel now suspects that author bios are actually bad gothic memes. No writer enjoys writing biographies, and yet still we write them. WE have always been writing them. Sita Bethel has been writing this bio for over an hour now and will probably be writing another one by the time anyone sees these words. Readers can follow @sita_bethel on Twitter, or sitabethelfiction on Facebook, or even check out

Jaap Boekestein

Jaap Boekestein (1968) is an award winning Dutch writer of science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers and whatever takes his fancy. Five novels and over three hundred of his stories have been published. He has made his living as a bouncer, working for a detective agency and as an editor. He currently works for the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice. His English publications include stories in: Cyäegha, Nonbianary Review, Strange Shifters, Lovecraft after Dark, Surreal Nightmares, Urban Temples of Cthulhu, Sirens Call, Mystery Weekly Magazine,  Double Feature Magazine and After Happily Ever After.

Max Header

Max Header is just beginning his foray into the realm of authorship. He began his writing career as an avid reader and draws inspiration from the many fantasy and science fiction books he’s devoured over the years. When not reading or writing, Max likes half naked beach rides on his pet unicorn closely followed by his dog and cat. 

V. Hummingbird

V. Hummingbird was born and raised in Oregon. Though she no longer calls it home, her years in the Pacific Northwest instilled in her a love of the outdoors, an appreciation for natural beauty, and a keen sense of wonder. Passion, temptation, and communication are cornerstones of her marriage as well as her stories. She is thankful every day for her husband, family, and friends.

Gio Lassater

Gio Lassater is originally from Tulsa, OK, where she currently resides. She is a member of Nevermore Edits critique group. Her short stories appear in The Supornatural Collection, Vol. 1., Rocket Ride, and Blood in the Rain (printed by Cwtch Press).  Her novellas include Going for Bronze and the spyrotica trilogy Rhett Dane: Top Secret Bottom: Adickted.

K. Lawrence

K. Lawrence resides in the north east of Scotland. She has been writing from a young age, across many different genres with fantasy, horror, and sci-fi being among her favourites.  Outside of writing she likes to play guitar, go to concerts, and collect geeky memorabilia.

Stephanie Loss

Stephanie Loss studied creative fiction at Muskegon Community College and Alma College. She enjoys writing short prose, but some day aspires to publish a full length novel. Stephanie resides in her hometown in Michigan working the night shift at a local gas station. When she isn’t working or writing, she enjoys playing video games and watching Netflix with friends.

J.C. Quinn

J.C. Quinn decided to be a writer after discovering dirty fanfiction. Her Internet searches have made the keyboard predictions on her phone pretty awkward and if she ever shows you a picture on her phone, don't swipe left, don't swipe right...