Gio Lassater

Gio Lassater is originally from Tulsa, OK, where she currently resides. Gio is a member of Nevermore Edits critique group. Her debut novella, Going for Bronze, can be found on, and her short story Raising the Stakes is available in the anthology Blood in the Rain, printed by Cwtch Press. Gio also has several short stories appearing The Supornatural Collection, Vol. 1, and her spyrotica entitled Rhett Dane: Top Secret Bottom: The Adickted Trilogy will begin releasing in three parts on November 1, 2016.

J.C. Quinn

JC Quinn decided to be a writer after discovering dirty fanfiction. Her Internet searches have made the keyboard predictions on her phone pretty awkward and if she ever shows you a picture on her phone, don't swipe left, don't swipe right... 

E.V. Grove

When not providing sustenance to her readers' unspoken desires, E.V. Grove spends her time lost in the Hedge, where she wanders from one inspiration to the next. It is here, in the most dangerous of places, that Grove finds the courage to dare to write what must be written.

Sita Bethel

Sita Bethel obtained a B.A. in Creative Writing at Arkansas Tech University; however, she learned how to write fiction on sites such as Archive of Our Own and She currently lives in Arkansas, teaches Zumba Fitness and Salsaton classes at a local gym, and hopes to one day own a fortress of solitude staff with incompetent henchmen.

K. Lawrence

K. Lawrence resides in the north east of Scotland. She has been writing from a young age, usually fantasy/sci-fi, but has been trying her hand at erotica for the last few years. Her first self published novel The Nightingale That Taught the Raven to Sing, a noir/urban fantasy novel, is currently available through Amazon Kindle and there is a sequel in the works. She is also taking part in NYC Midnight's flash fiction challenge.

Stephanie Loss

Stephanie Loss studied creative fiction at Muskegon Community College and Alma College. She enjoys writing short prose, but some day aspires to publish a full length novel. Stephanie resides in her hometown in Michigan working the night shift at a local gas station. When she isn’t working or writing, she enjoys playing video games and watching Netflix with friends.