K. Lawrence

K Lawrence resides in the north east of Scotland. She's been writing since an early age, with sci-fi, horror, and fantasy being her favourite genres. Outside of writing, she likes to play guitar, collect geeky memorabilia, and travel.

J.C. Quinn

J.C. Quinn decided to be a writer after discovering dirty fanfiction. Her Internet searches have made the keyboard predictions on her phone pretty awkward and if she ever shows you a picture on her phone, don't swipe left, don't swipe right... 

Robin Ray

Robin Ray lives a quiet life on a few acres of land inherited from family. A herd of miniature Jersey cows, a flock of bantam chickens, and several pygmy goats live on the land along with miniature Clydesdale horses and several Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. Ray graduated from Cornell University with honors and went on to research the habits of bonobo monkeys, publishing several definitive papers on their social behavior. Retired now, Ray enjoys farm life and lazy afternoons writing in leather bound journals. 

Winter Saebeorn

[This area was demolished by a supervillain, but it will be re-constructed soon.]

Norm Titterington

Norm Titterington is a writer whom no one has heard of. He's OK with that for the time being. He's also a late-life college graduate, a dad, a coach, and a lover of music and chicken wings...not always in that order.

M.K. Van Dyke

M. K. Van Dyke enjoys naps, cute things, good friends, and making people squirm (in good ways).