Cream of the Crop

Payment: $15 and Contributor's Copy

Theme: Dusty farmhands ready for an evening of relaxation. Rugged lumberjacks exhanging one type of wood for another. The innocent young man exposed to experiences beyond his normal rural upbringing. The idea that men from rustic or rural settings are less experienced or more naive than their city counterparts is one that has survived for decades. For this anthology we are looking for stories that relate these mens' sexual experiences.

Requirements: We want you to tell us a story as well as titillate us. All characters engaging in the sexual act must be adult males (at least 18 years old), and they must be original to the author--no fanfiction. Absolutely no rape, incest, pedophilia, or bestiality. If you include alien/non-terrestrial characters, they must be humanoid and/or sentient. The sex scene may be PG-13 to XXX, but, honestly, the hotter the better. Stories must be between 3,000 and 10,000 words. Please request permission to submit stories longer than 10,000 words.

Standard formatting guidelines will apply to all works submitted, unless otherwise noted in the category description. These guidelines include:

  1. Double Space

  2. Indent each paragraph, including the first paragraph

  3. Do not put extra space between paragraphs. Please use the ruler at the top of the page for indents. DO NOT USE TAB.

  4. Author's name, title, and page number should appear at the top of each page after the first page.

  5. Use italics, not underline or bold

  6. When in doubt, ask us.

Reprints may be accepted, but priority will be given to previously unpublished works. If you submit a reprint, you are responsible for ensuring you currently have rights to have the piece republished. Multiple submissions are acceptable, but simultaneous submissions are not.