Gio Lassater

Gio Lassater is originally from Tulsa, OK, where she currently resides. Gio is a member of Nevermore Edits critique group. Her debut novella, Going for Bronze, can be found on, and her short story Raising the Stakes is available in the anthology Blood in the Rain, printed by Cwtch Press. Gio has multiple works in the progress, and she can't wait to share them with you.

V. Hummingbird

V. Hummingbird was born and raised in Oregon. Though she no longer calls it home, her years in the Pacific Northwest instilled in her a love of the outdoors, an appreciation for natural beauty, and a keen sense of wonder. Passion, temptation, and communication are cornerstones of her marriage as well as her stories. She is thankful every day for her husband, family, and friends. 

J. C. Quinn

JC Quinn decided to be a writer after discovering dirty fanfiction. Her Internet searches have made the keyboard predictions on her phone pretty awkward and if she ever shows you a picture on her phone, don't swipe left, don't swipe right... 

Francis Maddox

Francis Maddox is a pansexual kinkster. Originally from New Orleans, he strongly believes that it's always Tuesday somewhere.

Logan Zachary

Logan Zachary ( or lives in Minneapolis, MN and has over hundred erotic stories in print.Calendar Boys is a collection of his short stories.  Big Bad Wolf is an erotic werewolf mystery set in Northern Minnesota and its sequel GingerDead Man. He is working on the third Paavo Wolfe mystery Billy Goat Snuffed.  His stories can be found in: Going Down, Best Bondage Stories of 2015, Tricks of the Trade, Big Men on Campus, Beach Bums, Sexy Sailors, College Boys, Teammates, Skater Boys, Boys Getting Ahead, Homo Thugs, Black Fire, Sweat!, Brief Encounters,Biker Boys, Sexy Sailors, Rough Trade and The Spy Who Laid Me.


Arabella is a writer with strong ties to a long family history of writers from every genre. She traveled the world in her youth, meeting all kinds of wonderful people and experiencing everything from rainy days in Paris and diving in the azure blue sea of the Meditteranean, to climbing castle turrets in Austria and eating street tacos in Honduras. “People are the same the world over. They all want to be loved and give love. Sharing those stories makes me happy!”